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Really Can’t Sing – Just Released

I just released my new album, Really Can’t SingClick here to preview the songs and buy the CD.

This project is the culmination of many years of work.  I consider my ability to write songs a gift.  I’ve had the good fortune to work with many talented people. This project was expertly produced by Rye Randa of Rye music. It includes spiritual balads like ‘The light shines on forever’ and ‘As You forgive’ and rocking tunes like ‘Really Can’t Sing’ and ‘Spinnin World.’ There is a lot of joy in my music which I hope the listener vibes into. I feel joyful with songs like ‘All There Is’ and ‘Walk Right In’ (dedicated to my cousin, Michael). “Blood for Oil” is a political song against war. ‘Gotta Reach Deep’ and ‘Love to Be’ were written near apparent death about life.  Thank you and let me know what you think!


Download Don’t Wake Me Up from Amazon.com

Now you can download my album Don’t Wake Me Up from Amazon.  This is great option if you have a Kindle Fire or Android device and want to play my music.  Click here to go to the Amazon site to download my album, or individual songs.  Thank you!