Mark’s New Book is Now Available: Messenger of Song

MessengerOfSongMessenger of Song is a compilation of poems and songs written over many years. Mark has traveled over much of the world while writing verse. He writes almost every day and considers his writing a gift from God. Although, much of the verse is evangelistic in theme intended to lead souls to heaven many different subjects are covered including issues like gun control, The Good of the Gun, war, Blood for Oil, greed, Monetary Man, homelessness, Cosmos Calamity and death, Before Their Time, as well as many other subjects. As this book includes poems and songs written over many years the tone, temperament and prospective vary greatly. Peace and Love.

Mark has made it easy to enjoy his book by providing you with many different outlets to order Messenger of Song.  Whether you want it in paperback or digital copy, just choose your shopping method below:

The paperback and Kindle version are available from

The paperback version is also available at

The paperback and E-Book version are available directly from the publisher.

If you like Mark’s book, remember that you can download any of his songs from iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Music or  Just click any of these links or search on any of these sites for Mark Turner, Really Can’t Sing, or Don’t Wake Me Up.




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